Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

DragNDropz may only be used for legal purposes (as defined in the United States of America).  All images, galleries, files, and folders are subjected to removal by a site administrator at any time for any reason.  Files and images are NOT automatically deleted after a period of inactivity from DragNDropz' servers unless an account is suspended or terminated due to a terms of use violation, non-payment (requiring admin interaction), acceptable use policy violation, or due to administrator discretion.

Free user images, galleries, files, and folders can also be removed at any time without warning.

Do NOT upload infringing files or images.  Images and files you upload must adhere to copyright law and should only be shared if you are the author of your submitted content or have permission to share the images and files you are uploading.

Terms of Use Policy (TOS)

IP addresses are stored and recorded for all images and files uploaded.  DragNDropz complies with the DMCA and all applicable USA laws.  If infringing content is reported to DragNDropz, the infringing files will be deleted permanently.

If you upgrade to a pro account, DragNDropz retains basic information regarding your account.  This information is NOT sold or distributed to anyone without your permission.  Your privacy is respected, but all activities are logged in the event we are required to provide evidence to law enforcement.

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